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Craig Cox – Woad Wellness

 LISTEN – This is a great interview and we had a lot of fun recording it. Craig talks about Tarot, the taboo around it and also gives us guidelines on how to spot charlatans. Craig also speaks about hypnosis as a healing tool.


Review – Margi McAlpine

I had the privilege to attend Margi McAlpine’s workshop this weekend, titled “Believe in Yourself.” It was a profound afternoon of realisations and joy. Margi is extremely dynamic and her passion shines brightly. This is what makes her so inspiring. The course started with a grounding and protection meditation, something I tend to forget to… Read More Review – Margi McAlpine


Review – Tracy White

Tracy invited me to experience a beautiful sound healing session with Vibrosonic Tuning Forks. These forks have been specifically manufactured for frequency healing. Tracy is very particular in making sure the frequency of each fork is perfect! She explained in great detail the precision and accuracy with which these forks are made. We know already… Read More Review – Tracy White