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Chrisna Ashforth Interview

LISTEN – Chrisna Ashforth from Eagles View in Winston Park. Chrisna has created a beautiful sacred space in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, for people to come and learn and explore the alternative side to life. We learn how Chrisna started her journey of discovery in search for an alternative healing for her son Richard, who had… Read More Chrisna Ashforth Interview

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Adri Norton

LISTEN – As a Psychic Medium and Traditional Healer, Adri offers her clients the opportunity to connect with spirit and to heal. Adri prides herself in keeping an open mind and heart so that she can assist her clients with their most challenging situations, allowing them to heal and move forwards with confidence and positive energy.

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Taryn Sydow

LISTEN – Taryn has always been highly intuitive but through various experiences as a child decided that intellect was more valued. In this interview, Taryn talks about her divine journey and what Surrender to Your Soul is all about. This conversation is a must for those looking for inspiration and guidance!

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Sharon Stobbia

LISTEN – Sharon Stobbia owner of Perfectly Alive Coaching has over the past 6 years supported women towards more fulfilled lives where they experience greater confidence, happiness and success. She specialises in confidence and self-esteem for professional women, using brain-based and quantum coaching skills, as well as matrix re-imprinting with EFT. She supports her clients to… Read More Sharon Stobbia

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Jenny Watkins

LISTEN – In this inspiring interview, Jenny gives us tools to cope with stress, anxiety, judgement and so much more. She explains what Access Consciousness is all about, as well as what “running the Bars” really means. Enjoy!

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Chef Rum

LISTEN – Chef Rum is a witty, fun loving family man passionate about food! His famous Falafal is something everyone needs to try. In this interview, Chef Rum explain the importance of Conscious Cooking and offers some tips and advice on how to properly source your food – ask the right questions and find our… Read More Chef Rum

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Deborah Prosser

LISTEN – Deborah is an inspiring and very determined individual! In this interview she talks to us about her battle with her health and how she overcame every obstacle. Now, she is passionate about teaching simplicity and nurturing to others. At Rest and Digest Wellness Haven, our attention is on health and well-being. We assist… Read More Deborah Prosser


Gnostic Wholistic Festival Stallholders

GWF 2016 WORDS FROM ANTONET-NIRVANA The Gnostic Wholistic festival has been a dream and passion for many years of my journey. It filled me with true satisfaction to watch it develop to fruition in 2016 when I launched the very first of its kind in South Africa! The festival was a huge success and I… Read More Gnostic Wholistic Festival Stallholders


Soul Art from Heather Martinho

I had the privilege of meeting with Heather a short while ago. I gave her a photograph of my son, Jake. Jake is 9 years old, and is the sweetest, most kind soul in my life. Without telling Heather about Jake’s personality, I asked her for a soul drawing for him. She delivered a perfect… Read More Soul Art from Heather Martinho