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Alison Coates – Beyond Abundance

I am a global business and positive lifestyle coach. Helping people tune into abundant ways of thinking so they can envisage and look forward to a life of prosperity, vibrancy and wellness.

I qualified as an Industrial Psychologist in the early 90s and after a few short years practicing in SA I took myself off the the UK for some work experience and a change in scenery.  My career transformed itself a few times, but I settled into a career working as a Management Consultant alongside IT project teams on Business Change Projects and Programmes.  Supporting various teams / divisions through organisational transformation and change.  Passionate about change I spent a lot of my time self-learning and being inquisitive about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which really is the basis of my current mindset and approach to positive psychology.

In 2012 I moved back to SA and worked as a Programme Manager setting up a programme management office for a large State Owned Company, but I had outgrown my career and it seemed the opportunities to do what I loved were sparing.  I started to look for something else and that is when the Forever Living business “found me”.

I have always been passionate about people; about health and wellness; and saying YES and working out the “how” afterwards.  Starting my Forever journey through Beyond Abundance has allowed me to reconnect with that part of myself once more and has brought balance back into my health and life.

My goal now is to work with people who, like me, thought there was no other option available.  To provide them with practical tools and the mindset to realise their dreams.  Guiding and mentoring them through the transition from corporate / traditional 9-5 to a career in the Health and Wellness Industry that (with some hard work and commitment) would free them up to enjoy magic moments at home with their children / family; allow them the opportunity to travel more and afford them the opportunity to achieve their life goals — all the while benefiting from and enjoying a diverse range of first class, nutrient rich products that really do make a difference.

With a background in Industrial Psychology, many years working internationally in corporate “suited and booted” structures and the experience of transitioning to another, more balanced, way of working I have the knowledge, experience and passion to inspire anyone willing to choose to make a change and in so doing lead a more prosperous, vibrant and healthy life.

Alison is a Body and Mind member, South Africa’s online health directory for healers and therapists. You can visit her page for more information

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