Review ~ Ingrid Rolland – Holistic Healer

Talk about being transported into earthly Nirvana! I was invited to meet up with Ingrid for an energy healing session. Besides the beautiful scenic drive to her place, I felt like I was in heaven upon arrival! Ingrid works from Infinity Wellness Centre on an active horse farm in the countryside of Summerveld. Needless to… Read More Review ~ Ingrid Rolland – Holistic Healer


Reading Review – Lynnie Blessings

Reading Review – Lynnie Blessings from Blessings Healings Wellness Center & Esoteric Shop   OK truth commission here goes! I had an online reading done with Lynnie which was to the point, an amazing lady with a matching bubbly personality of note.   Lynnie stated that there is a very strong connection between my dad… Read More Reading Review – Lynnie Blessings


Hanako Wellness with Thamini Pillay

As many of you know I recently lost my dad. Even though I am fully aware of the life that awaits us beyond this one, it shook me no-end. I woke up feeling immense sadness, and feeling unhappy with the void he left behind. I was due to visit Thamini for a review session later… Read More Hanako Wellness with Thamini Pillay

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Marcel Lottering from Gods Window in KZN

Body and Mind chats to Marcel Lottering from Gods Window down the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal. Gods Window has a holistic approach to life which focuses on providing a tranquil escape from the everyday stresses. A clear mind, healthy body and positive mental attitude harmonises the mind and emotions. At God’s Window they… Read More Marcel Lottering from Gods Window in KZN

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Heal Your Life Tuesday

SCROLL DOWN TO OUR LATEST INTERVIEW! Welcome to Heal Your Life Tuesday ! Every Tuesday we will be introducing you to a Heal Your Life Coach interview, article or inspirational pieces from the Heal Your Life organisation in South Africa. The Louise Hay Philosophy has its roots in knowledge that has existed long before our… Read More Heal Your Life Tuesday


Vacuflex By Shamla Govender

Although the concept of Vacuflex was totally new to me I felt so welcome and at ease when I had my consultation with Shamla. On entering her healing sanctuary I felt at peace. She made me comfortable and asked that I relax for a while whilst listening to gentle celestial music playing in the background. Once… Read More Vacuflex By Shamla Govender

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AnamCaras Healing with Diane Brear

Diane Brear is an Anam Cara (Soul Guide) and Reiki Master, a womb keeper, priestess and a teacher.  She is attuned to master level in Usui Tibetan Reiki and practitioner level in Jikiden Reiki.  She runs her holistic practice AnamCaras Healing from the leafy quiet suburb of Blairgowrie, Randburg. Diane specializes in healing soul wounds… Read More AnamCaras Healing with Diane Brear


Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine

12th September 2018 Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine I received an invitation to attend a manifestation workshop presented by two of Durban’s most vibrant healers, Merle Westcott and Christine Hardy. They are Life Alignment practitioners and teachers and have a combine experience of 27 years The day started off with an introduction by our… Read More Manifestation Workshop with Merle & Christine


Kinesiology by Stacey Destombes

To nurse my back, having continual problems with discomfort and pain, I visited Stacey for a kinesiology session. My main area of concern that day was the upper Trapezius and neck area. Upon arrival Stacey made me feel at ease and comfortable. She started off with a brief consultation on my physiological and medical history… Read More Kinesiology by Stacey Destombes


Egyptian Healing by Cheryl-Anne

I recently had an invite from Cheryl-Anne Antonizzi to experience an Egyptian Healing Session. For this session Cheryl-Anne works with Celestial and Ascended Masters, Lords of Light and the Angelic legions of Light supported by the person’s personal guides where she taps into healing energy which is channelled through her into the patient, much like… Read More Egyptian Healing by Cheryl-Anne