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Brigitte Heeb Interview – Shamanic Journeying

I am the owner and director of a business and brand called Om Your Life. First and foremost master healer, master teacher. A shaman, divine light keeper, healer, dreamer and way shower, an intuitive empath and an entrepreneur.

I use my skills to showcase how the authentic blueprint brings abundance and happiness in a world where a scarcity mindset has been marketed to us, how being in flow will work in your spiritual, emotional, mental and financial favour.

My vision is of a global unification of souls to break free of shackles that cause them unhappiness and dis-ease and to eradicate the stereotype of a mindset that has us believing that we have no control over our own lives. Through leading by example and showcasing implemented change and success stories I aim to inspire people to embrace alternative new age modalities of healing and methods of thinking to assist in aligning these souls to their authentic purpose.

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Brigitte is a Body and Mind Member, South Africa’s Online Health Directory for healers and therapists. Visit her page for more information:

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