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Robert Fuller - Nordens Ultimate

Robert Fuller  – Nordens Ultimate Nordens Ultimate is a progressive natural health company providing everyday people with a trendy brand of cutting-edge health solutions. The combination of, ‘out of the box’ thinking, highly bio-available organic…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

July 3, 2019

Diane Nel - Angels Incorporated

Diane Nel – Angels Incorporated A purposeful conversation between two people, that inspires them to step out of their comfort zone and take the initial steps towards doing what they want and being what they…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

July 3, 2019

Louise VN Liebenberg - I-nfinitePotential

I-nfinitePotential with Louise VN Liebenberg Drawing heavily on her professional experiences and her own transformational process, Louise VN Liebenberg, International Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Counsellor, Rescuer-Of-Abandoned-Cats and Road-Trip-Lover shares her no-nonsense, practical approach to mindful, constructive involvement…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

June 5, 2019

Yolande Hung - TRE® for Change

Yolande Hung – TRE® for Change TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) – group and private sessions I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and its complex workings, and was a Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

May 31, 2019

Angela RedRiver Soul Birth

Angela Red River  Soul Birth Trained Professional Nurse + Active Birth Midwife, A Birth Transitions Guide/Spiritual Midwife, Kundalini Reiki I – 9;  Usui Reiki 1 + 2, Synchronization Harmonics – Basic and Advanced 1 + 2, Metaphysical Healing…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

May 29, 2019

John Maher - Triggerstick Interview

John Maher – Triggerstick. What is the triggerstick? The triggerstick is a tool that allows you to gain access to trigger points that are difficult to locate and treat by ourselves. The triggerstick can be…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

April 30, 2019

Nicole Panzer - LOVME

“We only have one body for this lifetime, learn to treat it with respect, love, honour and dignity and it will give you a life you always dreamt of.” Passionate about working with people and…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

March 7, 2019

Art Long Hypnotherapy

Art Long Hypnotherapy Help you help yourself now.  The benefits of Hypnotherapy are now available through the most   experienced Hypnotherapist in South Africa.  Problems such as: Stress, Trauma and PTSD, Depression, Pain relief, Sport Performace, Drug Addiction, Headaches and Migraines, can…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

February 15, 2019