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Odyssey Magazine

Odyssey Magazine Body and Mind chats with Debra Stevens and Sandy Danckwerts about their new adventure as the new owners of Odyssey Magazine. Odyssey’s Vision is to publish content to nourish and inspire. Exploring all aspects of holistic living, the joy of living authentically, integrative approaches of complementary healing, living consciously, metaphysics, the intuitive arts,… Read More Odyssey Magazine

Body Healing, Getaway, Interviews, Spiritual

Marcel Lottering from Gods Window in KZN

Body and Mind chats to Marcel Lottering from Gods Window down the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal. Gods Window has a holistic approach to life which focuses on providing a tranquil escape from the everyday stresses. A clear mind, healthy body and positive mental attitude harmonises the mind and emotions. At God’s Window they… Read More Marcel Lottering from Gods Window in KZN