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Odyssey Magazine

Odyssey Magazine Body and Mind chats with Debra Stevens and Sandy Danckwerts about their new adventure as the new owners of Odyssey Magazine. Odyssey’s Vision is to publish content to nourish and inspire. Exploring all aspects of holistic living, the joy of living authentically, integrative approaches of complementary healing, living consciously, metaphysics, the intuitive arts,… Read More Odyssey Magazine

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Nicole Panzer – LOVME

“We only have one body for this lifetime, learn to treat it with respect, love, honour and dignity and it will give you a life you always dreamt of.” Passionate about working with people and instilling a sense of wellbeing and balance into ones life through the various modalities she has on offer. Always combining… Read More Nicole Panzer – LOVME

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Art Long Hypnotherapy

Art Long Hypnotherapy Help you help yourself now.  The benefits of Hypnotherapy are now available through the most   experienced Hypnotherapist in South Africa.  Problems such as: Stress, Trauma and PTSD, Depression, Pain relief, Sport Performace, Drug Addiction, Headaches and Migraines, can all be helped. Art Long is a Body and Mind member, visit his page for more information.

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Rose Morgan – Access Bars

Rose Morgan – Access Bars Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality that was introduced by Gary Douglas in the early 1990s. It consists of 16 bars of energy that run through and around your head. These bars connect at specific “bars-points” and correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, a practitioner… Read More Rose Morgan – Access Bars

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Leanne Pillay – Life Coach

Leanne Pillay – Life Coach Life Coaching As a Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Quantum Time Line Practitioner and a Total breakthrough Experience Practitioner, I deal with Depression, Stress, Anger Management, Low Self Esteem Lack of self confidence and overcoming Traumas. As a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner I am able to help other people… Read More Leanne Pillay – Life Coach

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Sharon Sinclair – Chandramala

Sharon Sinclair –  Chandramala We address: Belief Systems, Behavioural Patterns, Challenges, Physical Discomforts, Fears, Self Awareness and Self Worth, Desires, Purpose, Love Adventuring together through multi-faceted discoveries in living our essence Chandramala enables impact investments for sustainable results and business soul Home Alignment examines the relationship and energy connection of the occupant(s) Business/Organisational Alignment is a… Read More Sharon Sinclair – Chandramala

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Kerrisha Gopichand and Bhashni Nana – The Just Love Project

Kerrisha Gopichand and Bhashni Nana – The Just Love Project The Just Love Project was founded by Kerrisha Gopichand and Bhashni Nana who believe that LOVE and purposeful living does indeed heal everyone and everything. How many quarrels, poor attitudes, terrible decisions, or dragged-on fights could have been avoided if we would have responded in… Read More Kerrisha Gopichand and Bhashni Nana – The Just Love Project

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Shane Cass The Natural Way

Welcome to The Natural Way. We offer an exciting Health and Wellness experience using the best products available along with our professional services. The Natural Way Health and Sports Supplements has secured the agency to represent Nordens Ultimate PTY and Vitalogy s range of supplements ,we are expanding into various sectors due to the fact… Read More Shane Cass The Natural Way

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Chanel Lingenfelder – Vision of The Heart

Chanel Lingenfelder – Vision of The Heart Chanel is an Internationally Qualified Therapist specializing in a diverse field of Therapies. She is a Spiritual counselor and Mediator studying under the Auspices of Ascended Master Kuthumi. “The reality of your lives as you express your hearts desires, your dreams, your visions that you have been working on… Read More Chanel Lingenfelder – Vision of The Heart

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Mona Minnaar – Sole-2-Soul Therapy

Mona Minnaar – Sole-2-Soul Therapy Sole-2-Soul Therapy works on all levels, but first on a mental and emotional one. Don’t be surprised if a physical condition does not disappear overnight. Sole-2-Soul Therapy works to achieve long-term improvements by helping the person address, heal and release the issues that initially caused the problem. This may happen… Read More Mona Minnaar – Sole-2-Soul Therapy