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Cheryl-Ann CompleteHealing4me

Cheryl-Ann at CompleteHealing4me provides the client, adult or child, with a comprehensive, holistic healing solution aimed at not only the physical body, but also the mind and spirit.

The following modalities are offered:

There are many ways of conceptualizing and handling issues raised during counselling.

TRE ( Tension/Trauma Release Exercises):
TRE is the bodies natural way of healing itself by releasing neurogenic tremors that release the build up of stress, anxiety and tension caused by life events.

Self-Esteem Therapy:
Courses are offered either on an individual basis or as a group for parents of young children who wish to build and maintain healthy self-esteem in their children.

Chakra Balancing:
The aura is a subtle energy field that surrounds the body.

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing:
Energy is channeled from Lords of Light such as Thoth and Sananda, who have very strong connections to Ancient Egypt and are well respected for their healing abilities.

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