Colonics & Liver Detox with Ramesh & Cheryl Ramkumar

Colonics & Liver Detox with Ramesh & Cheryl Ramkumar


Being Human Detox Center: Colonics and Liver Detox with Ramesh and Cheryl Ramkumar written by Tarryn Coetzee

Ramesh’s book of the same name inspired me so much that I set up an appointment for a consultation and Live Blood Analysis. The blood analysis was very interesting. He took a drop of my blood, placed is under a microscope and showed me, via a laptop, what my blood actually looks like. Now, keep in mind that I have considered myself “fairly healthy” being vegetarian, eating lots of fruit and veggies and I’m a yoga instructor! These small ego bits of myself were thrashed when I saw what was on the screen! The blood of a very sickly individual. He picked up my liver problem – which I never mentioned – he could see that my immune system was practically zero and how constipated my colon was. I was horrified! Ramesh compared my blood to a chart on the wall that shows various stages of toxicity and disease and as much as mine was not as bad as what he has seen before, my thought was, “I need to fix this!” The process starts with internal cleanliness – colonics. If you want to drop your ego fast, go for colonics! It is indeed a humbling experience, but again, gives you a better insight as to what REALLY happens in your gut! My nephew (at age 18) suffers from chronic kidney disease and when I told him what I did, and recommended it to him for his illness, he looked at me with disbelief saying, “You did what?” Anyway, after the treatment, I drank some Bentonite Clay and Psyllium husk and these 2 help to remove toxins from the blood and essentially give the colon a good scrubbing. 2 Weeks later, I’m still drinking the solution and am starting to feel much better. I am going next week for the next colonics treatment and am actually looking forward to it. I am sharing this personal story with you because there is so much taboo around cleaning the colon, yet internal cleanliness is vital to overall health.

PART 2 of my detox:
I have experienced another 3 colonics and a liver detox. To date, I have lost 4kgs! The Liver detox meant drinking an olive oil and grapefruit juice mixture, and then lying down on my right hand side for the evening, followed by an early morning colonics.
WOW!! The bright green gall stones that came out of me were amazing! I consider myself fairly healthy – I don’t eat meat or much junk food, so I can only imagine what the bodies of those who eat lots of junk are dealing with. We may seem healthy on the outside, but our insides are screaming for help.
In all honesty, I am feeling MUCH lighter, my head is a little more clear and I’m not feeling so emotional. Even my yoga practice and meditation have improved! I highly recommend that you contact Ramesh or Cheryl for a chat, consultation and Live Blood Analysis to learn about your body. I am a lot more aware of how I eat, what I drink, how I breathe and what I think. The Being Human Lifestyle is indeed easily to adopt!

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