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Eudisha from Verve Wellness Centre Interview

Having worked to accede to the demands of the corporate world, Verve owner, Eudisha Balikaran Bhimsan, can remember lying on a massage bed, after a spin of projects and a very stressful period at work. “The therapist seemed to massage all the stress away and I thought what a wonderful job this must be to create a beautiful, serene environment for people to come and have all their pain, misery and stress rubbed away! Becoming absolutely sick with all the stress, unhealthy eating as well as drinking habits, and not forgetting the additional weight gain, I decided to start taking my health seriously, but being totally against allopathic medication, I went in search of something more natural. This led me to colon cleansing and massage and when I experienced the tremendous benefit, the energy boost, the weight loss, the feeling of lightness, I wanted to share this with everyone around me, and hence, the birth of Verve Health and Wellness Centre. “ At Verve we strive to create a very comfortable and pleasant environment to enable our clients to enjoy and experience the full benefit of their detox therapies – be it colonics or massage.

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle yet effective way of improving the function of your gut. Whether you have been experiencing bowel problems, difficulty with digestion, poor skin health, headaches, interrupted sleeping patterns, difficulty losing weight or you want to embark on a detox regime, Verve Wellness Centre will assist you in improving your health and get you feeling good again!

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Eudisha is a Body and Mind member, South Africa’s online health directory for well being and healing. Visit her page to find out more

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