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Still Mountain, Flowing Water: Living Your True Nature With Chandasara & Sietske @ Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Drakensberg
Nov 23 @ 7:30 am – Nov 27 @ 9:30 am
Still Mountain, Flowing Water: Living Your True Nature With Chandasara & Sietske @ Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Drakensberg | KZN | South Africa

The retreat program aims to take you on a journey deep inside leading to relaxation, restoration, and renewal. No need to be or do anything special. Be free to experience whatever is present for you. We will use the theme of the seasons to explore processes of cyclical change in our lives: times of moving inwards into the silence and stillness where we learn to trust the unknown and find our inner compass there; and times of moving outwards into the flow of acting on our conscious intentions. We will explore these processes of change through meditation, mindfulness and exercises inside and outside where we connect with ourselves, each other, and nature, deepening awareness, healing, transformation and alignment with our deepest desires. The weekend will be held in silence apart from the times of sharing together as a group.

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Living Clean Program @ Sacred Journeys
Nov 30 – Dec 10 all-day
Living Clean Program @ Sacred Journeys | Outer West Durban | KwaZulu-Natal | South Africa

Spend 10 profound days with us as we guide you through an intense process designed to successfully break free of unproductive patterns, behaviours & addictions & remove the emotional pain from your life in a supportive, healing & empowering environment.
Facilitated by Lou & Laurel, it incorporates many components to provide you with profound healing, transformational growth, personal development & holistic wellness.
It includes teachings & tools from a unique body of knowledge known as Medicine Wheels, experiential learning opportunities, purification processes & ceremonial components to awaken your inner healer.


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Jan 1 all-day
NEW YEARS DAY PURIFICATION SWEAT LODGE @ Sacred Journeys | Outer West Durban | KwaZulu-Natal | South Africa

We begin at NOON (SHARP) with a Sacred Medicine Pipe Ceremony and guided Personal Ceremony to clear out the old and make space to welcome in the new.

You are requested to offer a Donation from your Heart as an exchange equal to what you receive from this Circle.
A Heart Exchange, similar to the Buddhist concept of Dhana comes from giving what you can give, no more or less. Giving in this way communicates the message that you are present, aware and committed to your journey.
The universe cannot help but respond in support to this kind of give-away.

For thousands of years, indigenous people have been using the Sweat Lodge on a regular basis to cleanse & purify, rejuvenate & maintain their health & wellbeing on all levels.
Our annual New Year’s Day Sweat Lodge is like a powerful reset button. We clear away the debris of the year gone by so we can align yet again to our deeper meaning & purpose, set realistic intentions as we laugh, celebrate & enjoy the coming year

R 400 per person plus Feast Food
As you will find in many cultures and traditions, Feasting is a sharing of food in celebration of a memorable event or rite of passage. We traditionally bring our Gatherings to completion by sharing Feast Food in celebration of the rebirth we have each experienced. We each bring a plate of food that has been created with love and prepared with care, this feeds the spirit as well as the body. Bringing this kind of food to our feast is like a communal Heart Gift that we can share with our brothers and sisters.

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