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Sweat Lodge Purification @ Sacred Journeys
Nov 4 all-day
Sweat Lodge Purification @ Sacred Journeys | Outer West Durban | KwaZulu-Natal | South Africa


Led by experienced Sacred Pipe Carrier & Sweat Lodge Dance Chief Lou Worldweaver, this Purification follows in the same ancient time honoured traditions of the Twisted Hairs Lineage.
We gather together for the preparation of the space which includes Smudging, Blessing and calling the Powers of Creation into the Stone Children, building the Sacred Fire, covering the Sweat Lodge and calling on the Powers of the Medicine Wheel to create an alchemical container within which we can do our work safely.
Although it has a structure, the Ceremony, the theme and the participants are always different, therefore each Sweat Lodge is a unique experience unto itself. Following each Ceremony, we gather together to share insights gained before bringing the Circle to a close.
To conclude the Gathering, we celebrate our rebirth by sharing in a Feast. Each person brings a plate of food that has been created with love & prepared with care. This feeds the spirit as well as the body, and serves as a communal Heart Gift that we can share with each other.
Participating on a regular basis helps to purify, rejuvenate and maintain health and well being.

Heart Exchange…
An exchange of R 400 per person is requested.
The requested Heart Exchange is inspired from understanding the principle of mutual exchange. It is an expression from your heart, to honour the value of what you gain from the experience by honestly giving what you can, no more and no less.
(Should the requested exchange be obstacle that prevents you from joining, please speak to us so we can discuss possible options.)
A balanced equitable exchange communicates the message that you are present, aware and committed to your journey, with the willingness to give equally for what you receive. The universe cannot help but respond in support to this kind of exchange.


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