Currency Communications with Brenda Hattingh

Currency Communications with Brenda Hattingh
Currency Communications with Brenda Hattingh

I initially started off studying as a medical doctor but after the death of my twin daughters, found that psychological wounds and a broken heart, were among the deepest suffering people are experiencing. These psychological and spiritual dilemmas have a destructive effect right down to a DNA level. The very fabric of life gets frayed and we become disconnected. 

This leads to health issues, relationship dilemmas, social concerns, career blockages and financial hardships. It also stumps our spiritual grown and personal development. All our problems, challenges and issues can be retraced to disconnection… 

I came to realize that we need a new mindset and evolved skills and tools in order to restore the connections and even heal our DNA. My personal purpose, service to people and a new career path became evident..

Over the last 35 years Ive written more than 12 books and developed various workshops and training courses that include healing your DNA and maximizing our power and potential through Power Intelligence. You can also learn to develop a New Success DNA. 

At the same time these cutting edge skills and tools were taken to the workplace – where the most people are. This leads to developing New Leadership DNA. It even encompasses the strategic planning of a whole new HR paradigm that also includes maximizing our DNA power and potential and putting it to service of self and others. We can create a whole new reality…

At the moment my team and I are completing the development of the Power Intelligence Success Profile – an assessment tool you can use for self coaching. Further – we are training up and coming coaches and mentors who resonate with this process of tapping into your DNA power and potential while restoring the authentic self.

Up and till now Ive committed my life to developing this process – and will continue to do so. You are happily invited to join us on this journey..
082 558 8400
PO Box 14693, Sinoville, 0129
Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa
  • Currency Communications with Brenda Hattingh

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Currency Communications with Brenda Hattingh

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