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Body and Mind chats to Marcel Lottering from Gods Window down the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal.

Gods Window has a holistic approach to life which focuses on providing a tranquil escape from the everyday stresses. A clear mind, healthy body and positive mental attitude harmonises the mind and emotions. At God’s Window they offer you the opportunity to slow down, reflect and recharge.​

Their facilities are available to people of all spiritual paths and we hold the belief that God is Love, in whatever form people choose to experience the Divine.​God’s Window provides a deeply relaxing and comfortable environment that offers self-catering accommodation to individuals, families and groups. We provide all essential facilities for you to be fully self-sufficient and to feel at home. They encourage you to re-connect with nature – as it is the best way to get back into your centre and truth of who you really are.

God’s Window is a quiet space to reflect and connect with your divine essence and to heal yourself – mind, body and soul.

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