1x CURTAIN Hanging growbag style has 3 planting pouches.
Suggestions: if not using Plantup-za’s Wooden HANGER (single display pennant.)
Thread 3 to 4x CURTAIN growbags onto a standard 120cm wooden broomstick and secure directly e.g. to a pallisade fence, garden wall or railing.
+ Grow a companionable mix of shallow rooting herbs, flowers and or edibles.
+ Use as a seed starter.
+ Size: +/- 80 x 30cm
+ 5-10kg weight when soil is saturated with water and plants are fully grown.
+ Use with Plantup-za’s TJUBES ( see available options) or standard plant pots or fill directly with potting mix.
+ Growbags made from durable and chemically inert geo-fabric.
+ Machine washable (cold washing machine cycle)
*N.B. Plants not included.
See options for Gift Kit options including accessories.

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