Follow the Sun – Sharni Quinn


“Sharni realized she had hit rock bottom. Her husband’s Bipolar disorder disease had taken control of both of their lives and her body began to shut down in response to the havoc it was inflicting on her Soul. Follow the Sun is Sharni’s personal memoir of descending into darkness, facing her fears, and then mustering up the courage to heal and find her inner light again through yoga travel, and gratitude.”

Follow the Sun is an intimate account of true honesty and learning what it really means to love yourself. Sharni has not had an easy life at all, and her decision to get divorced at such a young age is profound and, in my opinion, very brave. She struggled through depression on a magnificent scale. I relate to her and this process because I too found healing through yoga.

Follow the Sun takes the reader on an international journey of love, laughter, sadness, anxiety, realisation and fun. Sharni travelled through India, Bali and worked in Australia before being drawn back to South Africa to share the light. She has worked and helped many charities and people who are also struggling to find their purpose in life.

Sharni had a choice! And the choice was to do what was necessary for her healing and happiness. And so do you…. I recommend this story for all those seeking. Your soul knows what it wants – maybe you just need some inspiration.

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