Naturone – Natural Progesterone


NATURONE is a natural progesterone cream It is a vegetable based aqueous cream. It is supplied in dispensers that are glass or pthelate free plastic. Soft plastic containers are petro-chemicals and can be absorbed by the cream and produce an oestrogenic effect on the user. Each container contains 50ml of cream.

NATURONE is supplied in sets of three 50ml bottles or jars. It is important to use a bottle per month for the first 3 months to achieve hormonal balance. Thereafter the dose can be decreased depending on symptoms.
Progesterone is the only antagonist to Oestrogen. It restores hormonal balance and eliminates the symptoms of oestrogen dominance, thus it:

-is very beneficial for infertility, and maintaining healthy pregnancies.
-is instrumental in de-activating the cancer gene (Bcl-2) that is switched on by oestrogen, and it activates the protective gene (P53) that restores health to the cell, therefore protects against all cancers.
-relieves depression, pushing up serotonin levels naturally and acts as a natural antidepressant relieving anxiety.
-protects against Alzheimers
-helps in the reversal of osteoporosis because it is the only known substance that stimulates the osteoblast activity (bone building activity).
-normalises blood clotting and helps prevent hypertension
-helps restore thyroid hormone function.
-has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects
-reduces the incidence of auto-immune disorders
-protects against breast fibrocysts
-helps all PMS symptoms and mood swings

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