Sereen Sceletium Capsules (200mg)


Enjoy the benefits of the all-natural mood booster and stress reliever Sceletium, brought to you by Sereen. Sceletium has been used for centuries as a mood elevator and cognitive enhancer. Studies have shown that Sceletium improves mental functions such as memory, focus, concentration, wakefulness and creativity.

Product Details
• 1 Box of 30 Capsules, each containing 200mg of Sceletium
• Each capsule has been standardized to contain 0.5% total alkaloids each.
• Grown organically in Kwa-Zulu Natal
• Effective in the treatment of anxiety, stress and low mood.
• Effective for use as a cognitive enhancer for studying or working for long hours.

How Sceletium Works
Sceletium works by assisting the brain in optimizing function of serotonin. It does this by processes that work on the 5-HT and PDE-4 receptors of the brain. These two receptors are responsible for the chemicals in our brain that regulate mood, cognition, memory, anxiety and stress.

Some Sceletium History…
A Natural medicine, it has been used for thousands of years as a mood elevator, anti-anxiety and stress reliever. Traditionally, it was often used to enhance peoples enjoyment of life in tough times and arid lands. It has been used as an appetite suppressant during times of drought, and as a cognitive enhancer to help them on long journeys.

200 mg pure Sceletium Tortuosum per capsule (standardized to contain 0.5 % total alkaloids each). Bovine free capsules.

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