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Taryna Beautiful Ultra Bust & Neck Oil (50ml)

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Taryna Beautiful Ultra Bust & Neck Oil (50ml)



The most effective facial starts below the bust. Taryna Beautiful Ultra Bust & Neck Oil is a dynamic tissue oil that prevents and rescues aged, or prematurely aged and damaged skin of the décolletage. The exemplary skin regenerating properties of this remarkable product promotes detoxification, decongests, stimulates lymph flow, tones and regenerates breast tissue. The strengthening of muscle tone and elasticity of connective tissue enhances the resilience of the bust and neck tissues and promotes rapid and sustainable firming and lifting of the breasts and tightening of a sagging neckline.

Start the breast massage by spritzing a small amount of Taryna Beautiful Ultra Bust and Neck Oil into the palms of your hands. Preferably do this whilst the skin is still moist after a bath or shower. Then place your thumb on your breastbone and cup your fingers under the breast and gently sweep upwards moving your fingers over your breast and the Axillary Lymph Nodes, up your neck and finishing just under the jaw line. Three sweeps per breast is usually enough.

Dab décolleté with a tissue after a few minutes to remove any excess oil.

Taryna Beautiful Ultra Bust & Neck Oil and Taryna Rejuvenating Face Oil offer unparalleled skin regenerating properties for fast acting high performance anti-aging. These powerful products quickly rejuvenate skin and deliver real-time sustainable anti-aging results. Rescue skin and minimise or reverse skin damage with light, deep penetrating, highly absorptive tissue oils that are non-oily to the touch and residue free. Gentle skin compatible plant lipids nourish and revitalise skin, improving skin health, elasticity and barrier functions.

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