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Taryna Distressed Skin Complex III (50ml)

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Taryna Distressed Skin Complex III (50ml)


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All purpose tissue oil.
Gentle and soothing action.
Body aligned, skin compatible botanical oils
Light, deep penetrating, residue free texture.
Minimises skin damage.

Excellent scalp treatment and hair regenerative.


Taryna Distressed Skin Complexes offer fast relief and intensive care for over sensitised and damaged skins. Powerful soothing and regenerative properties combined in these products instantly ease sensitivity, and simultaneously facilitate recovery, fast tracking healing processes and optimising the regeneration of healthy skin tissue.

Treat instances of inflammation and dehydration caused by overexposure to sun, wind and extreme temperature, abrasion, blistering, lesions, rosacea, wet and dry eczema and some occurrences of psoriasis. It also neutralises insect bites and balances PH and hormonal fluctuations in the skin. Anti microbial properties facilitate detoxification and the treatment of commonplace skin blemishes and breakouts, boils, acne and pimples, or localised bacterial infections.

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