Taryna Night and Day Rejuvenating Face Cream (50ml)


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Recondition mature, dry or prematurely aged skin with Rejuvenating Night & Day Face Cream. It provides the required nourishment and oil and water hydration lacking in this skin type. For instances of flushing, redness and hormonal hypersensitivity accompany it with Taryna Soothing Night and Day Face Cream. Alternate between the two moisturisers, combine them together or use Soothing Night and Day Face Cream for spot applications on key areas of skin.

Taryna’s versatile anti-aging day/night moisturisers regulate acidity and hormonal fluctuations in the skin. They greatly reduce wrinkles and lines by enhancing hydration, elasticity and skin tone. They also make an excellent make-up base. Formulations are created to handle the effects of general conditions of peri-menopause and menopause on the skin. Including menopausal acne, rosacea, cuperose, and oiliness on the ‘T’-Panel (notably forehead, nose and chin) as well as instances of excessive dryness, flushing and skin sensitivity.

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