Taryna Refreshing Exfoliating Gel (100ml)



Clear the way to glowing skin with the succulent Taryna Refreshing Exfoliating Gel. Suitable for all skin types, it balances both oily and dry skins. The light-buffing medium of finely crushed apricot kernel and natural enzymatic gels high in Vita C digest and slough off build-up of dead skin cells. Potent tonifying and clarifying properties facilitate cell regeneration, strengthen collagen and elastin fibres of connective tissue and stimulate circulation and detoxification of lymph. Boost oil hydration in dry skin by adding Taryna Rejuvenating Face Oil to Refreshing Exfoliating Gel. Also use Taryna Refreshing Exfoliating Gel to tone and revive the skin on the backs of the hands, elbows and knees.

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