Taryna Rejuvenating Face Oil (50ml)


Taryna Rejuvenating Face Oil is a hydrating treatment oil that soothes and regenerates skin. It is rich in antioxidants and provides intensive nourishment, oxygenation and hydration. It prevents free radical damage, stimulates cell regeneration, restores skin tone and elasticity and improves skin colour. Also use it as a quick balance for over stimulated or sensitised skin or as a versatile additive in conjunction with other Taryna facial skincare products including Taryna Night and Day Moisturisers for an enhanced nourishing night treatment. Apply as a night enhancer treatment 3 days a week.

Taryna Beautiful Ultra Bust & Neck Oil and Taryna Rejuvenating Face Oil offer unparalleled skin regenerating properties for fast acting high performance anti-aging. These powerful products quickly rejuvenate skin and deliver real-time sustainable anti-aging results. Rescue skin and minimise or reverse skin damage with light, deep penetrating, highly absorptive tissue oils that are non-oily to the touch and residue free. Gentle skin compatible plant lipids nourish and revitalise skin, improving skin health, elasticity and barrier functions.

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