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Quinton Mundell Interview – QLife Coaching

As I live, I learn and what I teach comes from a place of knowingness. I am on a healing journey of self-discovery. My guidance is multi-faceted; as I am open minded and I have a free spirit. My coaching comes from my passion to help people heal. I have studied various healing modalities and have discovered a few modalities of my own. By combining all the different healing modalities through my gift of creativity and intuition, I deliver an optimum result to each and every client. Some of my values are loyalty and commitment. I am present and therefore I will give you my best. Each client circumstances are unique hence I am extremely adaptable and open minded and this creates flow in my coaching. If you are committed, dedicated and ready to work hard on yourself, I would recommend this journey to anyone.

Please note this journey is personal therefore not not a religious journey. It is a journey of self-discovery.

Body and Mind Interview

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Quinton Mundell is a Body and Mind member

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