Review – Animal Communication workshop with Tammy

Review – Animal Communication workshop with Tammy

Animal Communication workshop with Tammy:

I had the priviledge of spending 2 days with Tammy experiencing some blissful moments of communication with some divine beings. In these 2 days, Tammy taught us to relax, and trust our inner voice. It was a very interesting experience because we had to communicate with the animals living with the other ladies on the course, and every communication was so accurate!

I am amazed at the love and wisdom I experienced, and still do with my own animals. This is a skill that anyone can learn and should be practiced. This skill will teach us great respect of the nature around us and the beings and souls who live among us!! Thank you Tammy, I really appreciate your time and knowledge. I am looking forward to learning more with you.

– Tarryn Coetzee, Body and Mind.

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