Review – The Lotus in Westville. Jahnavi Vidya

I was so fortunate to visit a stunning tranquil place called “The Lotus” in Westville. Jahnavi Vidya gave me a two hour magnificent body massage. It is truly a treat to pamper the body with such an amazing gift. Today I feel rejuvenated and rearing to go. Its so wonderful how spirit knows exactly what you need and in perfect timing. Thank you so much Jahnavi.

Jahnavi’s massage therapy consists of a combination of techniques including Reiki, reflexology etc. It is used to relieve deep muscle tension, reduce stress, boost the immune system, balance the subtle energy system of the body and completely revitalise on all levels. The massage is done with healing in mind, using intuition removing stagnant energy from the body.

It is truly a treat to have experienced one of Jahnavi’s massage.

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