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Silvio Interview – Keys to Magick Mastery

Silvio has spent his life seeking truth and knowledge, through various spiritual paths. 15 years ago he become a Pipe Holder and Apprentice of the Deer Tribe; in a Shamanic lineage known as The Twisted Hairs. After 7 years, he decided to follow his Teacher’s advice. The name Twisted Hairs originated from there logic to walk other spiritual paths, keeping what worked and discarding what didn’t to braid the various knowledge like a tight rope, to create true wisdom; that all paths lead to one place, Enlightenment.

This led him to the doors of the Modern Mystery School; a western hermitic lineage, where through Divine guidance he decided to enter. Walking the path of Higher Magick to bridge it with that he already learned. To unravel the axiom ‘As Above, So Below.’ By delving into the Healing Arts of the King Solomon Lineage.

After much personal healing and overcoming his many of his own shadows, on this path to Know Thyself. He discovered true honour was being I service to others; so they may live a life of beauty with more joy, passion, hope, and happiness; coming to know themselves as who they really are; LOVE.

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Silvio is a Body and Mind Member, South Africa online health and well being directory for healers and therapists.
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