Soul Art from Heather Martinho

Soul Art from Heather Martinho

I had the privilege of meeting with Heather a short while ago. I gave her a photograph of my son, Jake.
Jake is 9 years old, and is the sweetest, most kind soul in my life. Without telling Heather about Jake’s personality, I asked her for a soul drawing for him. She delivered a perfect image with an accurate description of my son – I am amazed! The image and the energies Heather picked up include Jake’s sensitivity, creativity and empathy. It serves as a confirmation that his journey is destined for great love and affection. He is a soul born to earth to make the world a better place. He is so connected to the spiritual realm. After reading the description, I now have a better understanding of Jake, and am very willing to help guide him along the right path.

While doing the drawing, Heather is guided by angels and her guides – to me it looks like she is channelling the information and has the artistic ability to translate that information into a beautiful picture that can be framed and hung on the wall. Each part of the image represents a different characteristic of the person. For example, the unicorn has a green eye and Heather has said, “The eye represents a healing way of seeing things and the heart is also green, suggesting/ meaning that the unicorn helps you with healing.”

Heather uses many colours and shapes in her drawings and offers a comprehensive description when she delivers the art work. Each image is very carefully put together, and is a treasure for any home or centre.

You can Contact Heather on 0823003754

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