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Surrender to your soul with Taryn Sydow

Surrender to your soul with Taryn Sydow

A Surrender session offers your Guides an opportunity to share this information with you in a way that provides you with perspective and power, so you can become aware of yourself on a new level, healing that which needs to be healed so you can continue to evolve to your own highest potential. The guidance is always offered with love and provides opportunity for you to choose your way forward. No guidance is ever an instruction as the most important agreement we have with our own Divinity is that of Free Will. All guidance is offered in practical terms and covers specific areas of our life like work, finances, relationships, purpose, family, home, health etc.

These powerful sessions give so much insight and guidance and when necessary karmic links to past lives are shared so that patterns that have been repeating themselves over many lifetimes can end, freeing our Souls to shift and grow in this lifetime. These sessions answer all the big WHYs we have about our life.

A session is based on what is most important for NOW, and as each layer is discovered and healed newer information is made available allowing our journey into ourselves to move into ever deepening layers.

Taryn also runs healing workshops which are channeled healing sessions focused on supporting each person to connect more deeply with their own Divinity, opening their hearts and embracing their own journey back to Love and Light.

For daily messages of inspiration and messages to support your journey of enlightenment….

Taryn is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.
Surrender your Soul

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