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Interview with Helen Hansen

Energy Psychology My personal journey involves fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with more than 7 years ago. It took approximately 4 years to heal myself and I did so with alternative therapies. I have been working with people of all ages (3 to 80 years) for more than 20 years using mind-body processes to let… Read More Interview with Helen Hansen

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Kim Laubscher Interview – Coaching and Courses

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep fascination with the human spirit. People, and how we play out in our lives in our own unique way has been the focus of my research and attention for the past 20 years now. I have used myself (and the unfolding of my… Read More Kim Laubscher Interview – Coaching and Courses

Body Healing, Interviews

Wendy Wotherspoon Interview – Beautiful Earth Products

Beautiful Earth products can be described as: Natural, Cruelty Free and Eco Friendly. Beautiful Earth consistently work to bring the benefit of natural living to the entire family. We believe that these benefits should not be limited to a spa experience or single product. That is why we created a comprehensive range of natural, personal… Read More Wendy Wotherspoon Interview – Beautiful Earth Products

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Fanny Lacroix Interview – Kinesiology

My interest in alternative and natural forms of therapy was nurtured from an early age, as my immediate family members resorted to this kind of healing as a first port of call. Homeopaths, acupuncturist and naturopaths were usually consulted as a matter for course. As a child, I was also very close to animals and… Read More Fanny Lacroix Interview – Kinesiology


Review – Tracy White

Tracy invited me to experience a beautiful sound healing session with Vibrosonic Tuning Forks. These forks have been specifically manufactured for frequency healing. Tracy is very particular in making sure the frequency of each fork is perfect! She explained in great detail the precision and accuracy with which these forks are made. We know already… Read More Review – Tracy White

Body Healing, Coaching, Interviews, Mind

Allison Scott – Life Transformation Techniques

LISTEN – Allison Scott Allison specialises in life transformation techniques. She believes in tapping into the body’s innate wisdom to locate and reprogram patterns that may be undermining or sabotaging our ability and efforts to achieve our full potential. Sounds really interesting!!

Body Healing, Interviews, Mind

Deborah Nicholls – An educator/teacher of Anti-Aging Exercises

LISTEN – Deborah Nicholls An educator/teacher of Anti-Aging Exercises – Timeless Fitness for longevity of your body and mind. The Ageless Grace exercise methodology sparked her real passion for the wellness of the body and brain. This is an exercise alternative that activates both the body and the mind