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Tanja Jaeger – Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic & Healer

Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic & Healer Tanja Jaeger is an internationally known Spiritual Life Coach & Angel Communicator Expert, Energy Healer, Teacher Dream Analyst Expert and writer whose work has helped and transformed the lives of thousands of her clients from all around the globe over two decades. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa.… Read More Tanja Jaeger – Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic & Healer

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Jenny Hart – Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher

LISTEN – Jenny Hart Jenny Hart is an Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She is qualified as a Theta-healer Practitioner and Instructor, Usui Reiki, The Reconnection, Pin codes, Mentoring and life coaching. In this interview, we discuss Theta-healing in depth.

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Dominic Haarhoff – Energy Healer

LISTEN – Dominic Haarhoff Dominic Rex Haarhoff is a very interesting individual. In this interview, Dominic tells us about his exciting journey to enlightenment and how he has developed to become an energy healer. Dominic explains the process of the energy work he does and offers non-judgmental support to all those who seek his guidance.… Read More Dominic Haarhoff – Energy Healer