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Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu

Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu  What is Hot Yoga? Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in our studio which is heated to 40 degrees Celsius. The heated controlled environment adds lots of benefits over conventional yoga such as burning fat more effectively and increasing your metabolism. It also… Read More Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu

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Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics

Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics Find your balance of strength and flexibility in our yoga PRIVATE and GROUP classes Yoga engages the mind, body and soul on a journey to greater self-awareness. Building strength as well as flexibility creates space to allow you to deepen your mental, physical and emotional alertness. Yoga provides a refuge, where you… Read More Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics

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Alison Coates – Beyond Abundance

I am a global business and positive lifestyle coach. Helping people tune into abundant ways of thinking so they can envisage and look forward to a life of prosperity, vibrancy and wellness. I qualified as an Industrial Psychologist in the early 90s and after a few short years practicing in SA I took myself off… Read More Alison Coates – Beyond Abundance

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Deborah Nicholls – An educator/teacher of Anti-Aging Exercises

LISTEN – Deborah Nicholls An educator/teacher of Anti-Aging Exercises – Timeless Fitness for longevity of your body and mind. The Ageless Grace exercise methodology sparked her real passion for the wellness of the body and brain. This is an exercise alternative that activates both the body and the mind