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Bianca Gallant – ReBalance

Bianca Gallant – ReBalance ReBalance with Bianca is here to help you release the old and install a new version of yourself, restoring relaxation, love and harmony into your life. As humans we are always growing and changing and beliefs, thoughts and habits that severed us yesterday may not be serving us today. You may find… Read More Bianca Gallant – ReBalance

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Valia Zachariou – Radiant Hearts

Valia Zachariou – Radiant Hearts Radiant Hearts Earthly Vision is to support individuals with their own shift of awareness or awakening, thereby bringing Harmony and Balance to all aspects of self, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Only when all aspects of ourselves are aligned for our Greatest and Highest good can we Really Exist and Live… Read More Valia Zachariou – Radiant Hearts

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Anthea Torr Interview – “I AM”

Anthea has been running workshops on the Ascended Master Teachings since early 2010, locally in South Africa and internationally. Her life is now devoted entirely to assisting the Great Ascended Master Saint Germain, Whose ultimate responsibility it is to bring the Earth into her Glorious Freedom, and restore Her original pristine beauty and Perfection, over… Read More Anthea Torr Interview – “I AM”