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Nicole Panzer - LOVME

“We only have one body for this lifetime, learn to treat it with respect, love, honour and dignity and it will give you a life you always dreamt of.” Passionate about working with people and…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

March 7, 2019

Egyptian Healing by Cheryl-Anne

I recently had an invite from Cheryl-Anne Antonizzi to experience an Egyptian Healing Session. For this session Cheryl-Anne works with Celestial and Ascended Masters, Lords of Light and the Angelic legions of Light supported by…

By Traci French

September 13, 2018

Kahuna Massage with Claire Gibson

I visited Claire Gibson for an absolute treat massage. Firstly I was greeted at the door by Claire with a warm big hug and she placed a gift of beads around my neck, representative of…

By Traci French

July 19, 2018


Thank you for selecting Ezabangoma. We are here to take care of your traditional health care needs, and offer complete care for the whole family. Our healers are qualified traditional health practitioners and have been…

By Antonet-Nirvana Lange

July 5, 2018

Interview with Delia Vipond

If you are looking to change your circumstances and rediscover your identity, then this interactive journal is for you. It will show you how to work through your difficulties and overcome your adversities. I am a wife,…

By Traci French

May 3, 2018

Farah Manjoo Interview

A holistic approach to healing and empowerment. Farah Specialises in Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology for kids and teenagers and Journey therapy and empowerment for women. Farah Manjoo is passionate about working with women, children…

By Traci French

May 2, 2018

Christine Ingram Interview - Soul Paradigm

Christine Ingram, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, writer and artist. Christine first started her spiritual journey learning Jikiden Reiki and crystal therapy. Through her journey of healing others and herself, her psychic abilities began to blossom.…

By Traci French

November 21, 2017