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Leanne Pillay – Life Coach

Leanne Pillay – Life Coach Life Coaching As a Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Quantum Time Line Practitioner and a Total breakthrough Experience Practitioner, I deal with Depression, Stress, Anger Management, Low Self Esteem Lack of self confidence and overcoming Traumas. As a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner I am able to help other people… Read More Leanne Pillay – Life Coach

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Shannan Knox – Raising Consciousness

I’m Here For You My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts, patterns and behaviors that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. With extensive experience as a shaman, spiritual mentor and in Life Coaching along with a vast history of client success, my individualized… Read More Shannan Knox – Raising Consciousness

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Interview with Penny De Villiers

Life Coach and ACT Therapist Penny De Villiers is also the owner of IntroducingU a company which specialises in Personal Branding and Social Media consultation. She has a strong marketing and public relations background and a passion for people which drives her to help them define their dreams and design their future. Penny has been… Read More Interview with Penny De Villiers

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Sharon Stobbia

LISTEN – Sharon Stobbia owner of Perfectly Alive Coaching has over the past 6 years supported women towards more fulfilled lives where they experience greater confidence, happiness and success. She specialises in confidence and self-esteem for professional women, using brain-based and quantum coaching skills, as well as matrix re-imprinting with EFT. She supports her clients to… Read More Sharon Stobbia

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Heather-Anne Bender – Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Pranic Energy Healing Practitioner and Sound Therapist

LISTEN – Heather-Anne Bender Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Pranic Energy Healing Practitioner and Sound Therapist, Heather-Anne Bender consults from The Princes Sanctuary in Benoni. In this interview, Heather tells us about life coaching, and the difference between psychic and mediumship. Enjoy!