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Caryl Westmore Interview – Break Free Fast

Known as the “Break Free Fast” author, coach and expert, Caryl’s mission is to liberate and empower conscious, creative and high-achieving women LIKE YOU to create the intentional LIFE YOU LOVE with meaning and soul. Does it feel like your Ship of Life has gone off course – or hit a Sandbank? For years you… Read More Caryl Westmore Interview – Break Free Fast

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Sharon Stobbia

LISTEN – Sharon Stobbia owner of Perfectly Alive Coaching has over the past 6 years supported women towards more fulfilled lives where they experience greater confidence, happiness and success. She specialises in confidence and self-esteem for professional women, using brain-based and quantum coaching skills, as well as matrix re-imprinting with EFT. She supports her clients to… Read More Sharon Stobbia