Vacuflex By Shamla Govender

Although the concept of Vacuflex was totally new to me I felt so welcome and at ease when I had my consultation with Shamla. On entering her healing sanctuary I felt at peace. She made me comfortable and asked that I relax for a while whilst listening to gentle celestial music playing in the background. Once… Read More Vacuflex By Shamla Govender


Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon

Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon (Glenwood Durban) When I was invited to experience a massage by Wendy Wotherspoon I couldn’t help reflecting on her slogan “Not Just Massage” and I have to agree it rings true to everything she stands for. I had the most incredible massage, and although Wendy sticks to her appointments on… Read More Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon

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Sagree Govender – Healing Hands Clinic

Sagrees Healing Hands Clinic Sagree works on a diverse platform and she is skilled in dealing with problems from the root of present life challenges and past life challenges , in return this heals the body and the mind. I am a Qualified therapist in: Fascia Release-massage Aromatherapy Reflexology Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Hypnosis- Emotional… Read More Sagree Govender – Healing Hands Clinic

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Interview with Shamla Govender

Yellow Feather Wellness Studio with Shamla Govender My soul stirring journey began when I attended Kundalini Yoga class at the observatory circle in Johannesburg with Pritam Khalsa. This was my first session of Yoga which was an absolute blissful experience for me. Driving home that evening, I experienced this awesome feeling inside of me. I immediately… Read More Interview with Shamla Govender

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Joanne Moss – a true survivor

LISTEN – Joanne Moss – a true survivor. Shares her journey to wellness and her dream to pay it forward! She takes us through the modalities that she uses in her healing and coaching practice, including Reiki, Therapeutic Reflexology and Wellness Coaching using HNLP. Through her wellness workshops, she has worked with hundreds of men… Read More Joanne Moss – a true survivor