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Nicole Panzer – LOVME

“We only have one body for this lifetime, learn to treat it with respect, love, honour and dignity and it will give you a life you always dreamt of.” Passionate about working with people and instilling a sense of wellbeing and balance into ones life through the various modalities she has on offer. Always combining… Read More Nicole Panzer – LOVME

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Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu

Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu  What is Hot Yoga? Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in our studio which is heated to 40 degrees Celsius. The heated controlled environment adds lots of benefits over conventional yoga such as burning fat more effectively and increasing your metabolism. It also… Read More Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu

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Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics

Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics Find your balance of strength and flexibility in our yoga PRIVATE and GROUP classes Yoga engages the mind, body and soul on a journey to greater self-awareness. Building strength as well as flexibility creates space to allow you to deepen your mental, physical and emotional alertness. Yoga provides a refuge, where you… Read More Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics


TLC Yoga at Jivananda Centre

As a child, I developed Scoliosis. This is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs during the growth spurt periods of childhood. By the time I reached 18, the S-shaped curve needed surgery because my spine was bending by approximately 1 degree every year. In those days, I thought, surgery was the only option… Read More TLC Yoga at Jivananda Centre

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Interview with Shamla Govender

Yellow Feather Wellness Studio with Shamla Govender My soul stirring journey began when I attended Kundalini Yoga class at the observatory circle in Johannesburg with Pritam Khalsa. This was my first session of Yoga which was an absolute blissful experience for me. Driving home that evening, I experienced this awesome feeling inside of me. I immediately… Read More Interview with Shamla Govender

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Vinodha Govender – The Heartfulness Institute

Heartfulness : Living by the Heart By tuning in to our heart, we learn to be centered in our highest self. Strengthen that connection and cultivate an inner knowing that wisely directs and guides our lives. Grow to face the challenges of life with courage and acceptance. Live by the heart, and become what we’re… Read More Vinodha Govender – The Heartfulness Institute

Body Healing, Coaching, Interviews

Chrisna Ashforth Interview

LISTEN – Chrisna Ashforth from Eagles View in Winston Park. Chrisna has created a beautiful sacred space in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, for people to come and learn and explore the alternative side to life. We learn how Chrisna started her journey of discovery in search for an alternative healing for her son Richard, who had… Read More Chrisna Ashforth Interview


Follow the Sun Written by Sharni Quinn

Follow the Sun is an intimate account of true honesty and learning what it really means to love yourself. Sharni has not had an easy life at all, and her decision to get divorced at such a young age is profound and, in my opinion, very brave. Her divorce, suffering and emotional breakdown lead to… Read More Follow the Sun Written by Sharni Quinn