TRE – Trauma Release Exercises Susanne Thomas

TRE – Trauma Release Exercises
Susanne Thomas

Su came to visit us here at Body and Mind and offered me a TRE session just to experience what it is like. I set up an appointment and drove to her studio in Hillcrest where Su explained the concept and benefits of TRE. She then showed me the exercises and my body started tremoring – wow what a weird experience! It’s like a controlled shaking but at the same time, one is able to release fear and tension – a process of “letting go.”

After 3 more sessions with Su, I am now practicing at home. TRE has given me profound insight and connection to my physical body. I now have a better understanding of what truly happens when I’m stressed and feel emotional and the simple TRE exercises helps me to work it out – physically! TRE can, and should, be practiced by anyone. It is totally natural, safe, there is no invasion of your space at all and everything is done to your level of comfort. CLICK HERE for more info

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