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Body and Mind Festival

Our Next Show is the 5th May 2019 Time 9am – 4pm Click Here Stall Prices are on the booking form – see various options. At this event there will be several food stalls, practitioners (Life Alginment, BodyTalk, Reiki, Psychics, Hypnotherapists, Body Stress Release, only to name a few), NIA dancing and Belly dancing shows, face painting, and… Read More Body and Mind Festival

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Breathe for the first time – PURE O2

PURE O2 was created based on the principles of Meditation, Yoga and the Martial Arts. The power of healing, focus and strength stems from how we breathe. PURE O2 amplifies a single breath with *95% pure oxygen, to ensure maximum oxygen intake with all the natural benefits of oxygen. Every can of PURE O2 contains… Read More Breathe for the first time – PURE O2