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Cheryl-Ann CompleteHealing4me

Cheryl-Ann at CompleteHealing4me provides the client, adult or child, with a comprehensive, holistic healing solution aimed at not only the physical body, but also the mind and spirit. The following modalities are offered: Counselling: There are many ways of conceptualizing and handling issues raised during counselling. TRE ( Tension/Trauma Release Exercises): TRE is the bodies… Read More Cheryl-Ann CompleteHealing4me


Infinite by Forever skin range Review

So I was one of the lucky ladies who got selected by Alison Coates (from Beyond Abundance) to test the Infinite by Forever skin range. ‘Forever’ are renowned for their remarkable aloe vera based wellness and skin care products. Alison delivered the samples and products in a beautiful package and explained the details and “how to”, then stayed… Read More Infinite by Forever skin range Review


Kahuna Massage with Claire Gibson

I visited Claire Gibson for an absolute treat massage. Firstly I was greeted at the door by Claire with a warm big hug and she placed a gift of beads around my neck, representative of the traditional Hawaiian welcome lei. She offered me tea while I admired the magnificent 180 degree view of the ocean.… Read More Kahuna Massage with Claire Gibson


Reiki Bears by Mona Minnaar

So lucky to have received this beautiful Reiki Bear as a gift from Mona Minnaar. We love it so much. We can feel the love radiating from this bear. Mona has put so much personal time into creating such a special gift. Teddy Bears are introduced during the advanced Reiki training as surrogates for distance healing.… Read More Reiki Bears by Mona Minnaar

Body Healing, Spiritual


Thank you for selecting Ezabangoma. We are here to take care of your traditional health care needs, and offer complete care for the whole family. Our healers are qualified traditional health practitioners and have been practicing for years. This is why we can assist you, your friends and your family with all your traditional health… Read More Ezabangoma

Body Healing, Coaching, Mind, Spiritual

Sue Louise – The Inspirational Starfish

I have been drawn to starfish in the last few years. I looked up the symbolism of it and it represents Divine love – something I had been trying to get back to after shutting myself down after a dark time (more in my book, The Book of Lives). Starfish also represents renewal, inspiration and… Read More Sue Louise – The Inspirational Starfish