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Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu

Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu  What is Hot Yoga? Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in our studio which is heated to 40 degrees Celsius. The heated controlled environment adds lots of benefits over conventional yoga such as burning fat more effectively and increasing your metabolism. It also… Read More Hot Yoga Durban with Prathiksha Naidu

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Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics

Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics Find your balance of strength and flexibility in our yoga PRIVATE and GROUP classes Yoga engages the mind, body and soul on a journey to greater self-awareness. Building strength as well as flexibility creates space to allow you to deepen your mental, physical and emotional alertness. Yoga provides a refuge, where you… Read More Andriesa Verloop – Pilates Dynamics

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Surrender to your soul with Taryn Sydow

Surrender to your soul with Taryn Sydow A Surrender session offers your Guides an opportunity to share this information with you in a way that provides you with perspective and power, so you can become aware of yourself on a new level, healing that which needs to be healed so you can continue to evolve… Read More Surrender to your soul with Taryn Sydow


Kinesiology by Stacey Destombes

To nurse my back, having continual problems with discomfort and pain, I visited Stacey for a kinesiology session. My main area of concern that day was the upper Trapezius and neck area. Upon arrival Stacey made me feel at ease and comfortable. She started off with a brief consultation on my physiological and medical history… Read More Kinesiology by Stacey Destombes


Egyptian Healing by Cheryl-Anne

I recently had an invite from Cheryl-Anne Antonizzi to experience an Egyptian Healing Session. For this session Cheryl-Anne works with Celestial and Ascended Masters, Lords of Light and the Angelic legions of Light supported by the person’s personal guides where she taps into healing energy which is channelled through her into the patient, much like… Read More Egyptian Healing by Cheryl-Anne

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Lynnie ~ Blessings Healing Wellness Center & Esoteric Shop

Blessings Beautiful Beings “When you follow your Passion and Purpose in life ~ Miracles do Happen “ Assisting others to awaken to their full potential is truly a blessing. Aiding you in releasing what no longer serves you or your highest good. Becoming Mindfull in all that you do, living in the moment.I am the… Read More Lynnie ~ Blessings Healing Wellness Center & Esoteric Shop

Body Healing, Coaching, Interviews, Mind, Spiritual

Kahuna Massage / Body Work with Anthea Hardwick

KAHUNA MASSAGE / BODY WORK Originating in Polynesia 5 000 years ago, this ancient profoundly healing bodywork is unlike anything you have ever experienced! Using forearms, hands and elbows in deep, dynamic, flowing strokes, the practitioner uses intuition and focused intention to release physical and energetic blockages and restore health and balance to body, mind… Read More Kahuna Massage / Body Work with Anthea Hardwick

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Chef Rum – The Kitchen Guru

Conscious Cooking at its Best Chef Rum is passionate about natural health, nutrition and healthy cooking. “I cook with fresh, seasonal, local, organic and mostly unprocessed foods. I have been involved in the pub and restaurant industry from my early twenties. I took on a challenge around this time to renovate and manage my own pub, running this operation… Read More Chef Rum – The Kitchen Guru


Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon

Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon (Glenwood Durban) When I was invited to experience a massage by Wendy Wotherspoon I couldn’t help reflecting on her slogan “Not Just Massage” and I have to agree it rings true to everything she stands for. I had the most incredible massage, and although Wendy sticks to her appointments on… Read More Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon