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Ashika Soorju – AMS Coaching and Consulting

AMS Coaching and Consulting  Aspire Magnify Succeed We have learnt a lot of great and amazing life skills in the past as well, and when we can identify these and use them constructively, we can achieve any goal we aspire to. Our services cover a broad spectrum of people and life needs; corporate seminars that… Read More Ashika Soorju – AMS Coaching and Consulting

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Tanja Jaeger – Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic & Healer

Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic & Healer Tanja Jaeger is an internationally known Spiritual Life Coach & Angel Communicator Expert, Energy Healer, Teacher Dream Analyst Expert and writer whose work has helped and transformed the lives of thousands of her clients from all around the globe over two decades. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa.… Read More Tanja Jaeger – Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic & Healer

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Valia Zachariou – Radiant Hearts

Valia Zachariou – Radiant Hearts Radiant Hearts Earthly Vision is to support individuals with their own shift of awareness or awakening, thereby bringing Harmony and Balance to all aspects of self, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Only when all aspects of ourselves are aligned for our Greatest and Highest good can we Really Exist and Live… Read More Valia Zachariou – Radiant Hearts

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Shannan Knox – Raising Consciousness

I’m Here For You My goal is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of thoughts, patterns and behaviors that undermine you, so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. With extensive experience as a shaman, spiritual mentor and in Life Coaching along with a vast history of client success, my individualized… Read More Shannan Knox – Raising Consciousness

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Keith Cunningham – Driver Assess

Driver Assess with Keith Cunningham Life is a journey, enjoy the drive. My Purpose is to ‘Journey Consciously’, my Noble Goal is to ‘Enable Conscious Life Journey’s in Others’; Driver Assess enables me to do both, while at the same time making our roads safer for everyone who uses them. Driving EQ – Emotions drive… Read More Keith Cunningham – Driver Assess

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Jignasha Hira – Aura Natural Healing

Jignasha Hira – Aura Natural Healing The gift of healing lies in each of us, but its up to the individual to accept and receive. Jignasha is an accredited Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. Registered with the reiki association of Southern Africa – Membership no: 1483 Usui Reiki 1,2 and advanced Crystal healing Karuna reiki.… Read More Jignasha Hira – Aura Natural Healing

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Samantha Lewis – Life Coaching

I am a person with dreams, just like you. My life experience is made up of bumps in the road, moments of joy & sadness, just like yours. I discovered that no matter what, I am still me, and no life experience can change who I am at the core of my Being. I am… Read More Samantha Lewis – Life Coaching


Vacuflex By Shamla Govender

Although the concept of Vacuflex was totally new to me I felt so welcome and at ease when I had my consultation with Shamla. On entering her healing sanctuary I felt at peace. She made me comfortable and asked that I relax for a while whilst listening to gentle celestial music playing in the background. Once… Read More Vacuflex By Shamla Govender

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Dioné Johnson – Core Brain Development

As an avid exercise enthusiast and sportsperson, I began my journey studying HMS(Human Movement Studies) and Psychology at Rhodes University, finishing with an Honours Degree in Sport Science at UDW in Durban. I have been involved in Education, lecturing and teaching since 1991. After lecturing Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Physiology at DUT in KZN… Read More Dioné Johnson – Core Brain Development

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AnamCaras Healing with Diane Brear

Diane Brear is an Anam Cara (Soul Guide) and Reiki Master, a womb keeper, priestess and a teacher.  She is attuned to master level in Usui Tibetan Reiki and practitioner level in Jikiden Reiki.  She runs her holistic practice AnamCaras Healing from the leafy quiet suburb of Blairgowrie, Randburg. Diane specializes in healing soul wounds… Read More AnamCaras Healing with Diane Brear