Shrooms For Improvement.

It was fortuitous that I chose to study Microbiology and Physiology – all those years ago. These fields, coupled with my lifelong passion for natural healing modalities and my fascination with Mother Nature’s alchemy – influenced by my elders – have become integral structural components of my life

MISSION: Our mission is to educate people about the benefits of edible & medicinal mushrooms and to teach them how to cultivate mushrooms simply, in an environmentally conscious way; to supplement their nutritional & dietary requirements safely and competently.
Now Available – Full Spectrum Extracts of Cordyceps, Reishi & Lions Mane Mushrooms (Fully Grown and Manufactured in South Africa).
This world renowned medicinal mushroom is used for increasing and supporting energy levels, vitality, stamina, and endurance. The wholesome freshness of our locally grown mushrooms coupled with timeless manufacturing techniques and minimal processing ensures that you can obtain an authentic and exceptional.
With us at Shrooms For Improvement, you can learn about Gourmet & Medicinal mushroom supplementation, How to grow Oyster ,Reishi & Pioppino mushrooms, Procure Reishi, Cordyceps & Lions Mane extracts, Cultivation supplies, Spawn & More…

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