AMS Coaching and Consulting

 Aspire Magnify Succeed

We have learnt a lot of great and amazing life skills in the past as well, and when we can identify these and use them constructively, we can achieve any goal we aspire to.

Our services cover a broad spectrum of people and life needs; corporate seminars that re-activate a business focus and build a team integration of staff; personal empowerment workshops for youth and adults; personalized Life Coaching for youth and adults; and custom made content for personal or professional needs of our clients.

We believe that you are the architect of your life, and you can create the life you desire.

We assist you to identify your core ASPIRATION, and then effectively and carefully MAGNIFY the focus of that aspiration to create a unique map for your personalized SUCCESS.

There is knowledge to be learnt about how to create a fulfilled life; it involves understanding your mindset, your emotional development and how to calibrate your past personal and professional experiences that could be sabotaging your present and future success in relationships, money, health, career, business or over all life.Her unique one on one online courses offer clients the chance to learn about energy work, psychic development and healing with the angels and guides to powerfully and positively transform their lives.


Ashkia Soorju is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

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