Known as the “Break Free Fast” author, coach and expert, Caryl’s mission is to liberate and empower conscious, creative and high-achieving women LIKE YOU to create the intentional LIFE YOU LOVE with meaning and soul.

Does it feel like your Ship of Life has gone off course – or hit a Sandbank?
For years you were the confident captain of your Ship – not noticing as it gradually began to sail of course…

Until one day Life throws you into a storm – like betrayal, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of money or job…a health crisis.

You may survive the storm – but realize too late you have lost direction – going way off course and often landing on a sandbank.


Says Caryl: “I’ve helped hundreds of clients excavate and break free from the underlying memories/beliefs/story forming that sandbank…so they can sail free to the island of their dreams.”

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Caryl Westmore is a Body and Mind member, South Africa’s online health directory for healers and therapists. You can visit her page for more information

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