I recently had an invite from Cheryl-Anne Antonizzi to experience an Egyptian Healing Session. For this session Cheryl-Anne works with Celestial and Ascended Masters, Lords of Light and the Angelic legions of Light supported by the person’s personal guides where she taps into healing energy which is channelled through her into the patient, much like Reiki.
Cheryl-Anne explained to me that during the session she also ‘talks’ to the body addressing the areas of concern directly, which the Masters then flood with healing light of various colours according to the need. It sounded fascinating!
As you may know by now I suffer from back problems, which was to be the focal point of this session. She made me comfortable and straight away put me at ease with a full explanation of her work. During the session I kept my eyes closed and I relaxed fully. At times it felt like I was floating on a cloud it was so peaceful! I felt totally calm and tranquil.
Once the session was done Cheryl-Anne shared with me that the Healing Team worked on my etheric body which was suspended whilst she was working on my physical body. She explained that the Masters wrapped golden light around my bodies and infused golden healing thread into my spine. They then send golden pulses in and out of my physical body in an ebb and flow motion concentrating on my back and spine.
I found the entire experience very pleasant and most intriguing!
Cheryl did a follow-up check on me a few days later. Although I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I would the first night, I slept blissfully for the rest of the week which was such a blessing for a part-insomniac like me! Absolute heaven! Apart from the sleep aspect, my back felt fantastic for the rest of the week.
I seriously recommend a healing session with Cheryl-Anne, and if you can’t manage in person she does distant healing as well, and according to her feed-back the results are astonishing!
Some of the other unconventional sessions on her treatment menu includes: Chakra Balance, Personal Counselling, Tension/Trauma Release Exercise (specialised TRE treatment), and Self Esteem Therapy to name but a few.
Due to the non-intrusive nature of her treatments children respond brilliantly to the healings, and are MOST WELCOME!
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