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Most of my life I have found myself helping others, by listening and being a support, all the while dealing with my own challenges. When my mom took her own life some years ago, I needed to speak to someone outside of my immediate circle.

Someone who would listen, help me feel better and steer me away from my negative thinking. Without me realising it and going on very many twists and turns, it seems that I have become the person I needed then.

A person to help others find their inner strength and feel inspired to be their authentic selves. After years of providing one-on-one sessions, my intention was to help larger numbers of people. This lead to the gratitude journal and subsequent talks and workshops.

Evelyn is an author, speaker and Intuitive coach.
In her coaching sessions, whether in person or online, she combines her gift of intuition with life coaching and energy healing to help her clients re-connect with their inner strength.

She has recently launched a gratitude journal that takes you on a year-long journey of self discovery. Some highlights are: Facing your fears, dealing with negativity and reasons to be grateful. This special book has been designed to give hope, happiness and positivity.

She is regularly found speaking at events and companies on the Power of Gratitude.

Evelyn Alessandri – is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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