February 27, 2021 @ 10:00 am – July 31, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
Sandton, 2057
South Africa
R 990 p/month
Tsholofelo Monare (Gogo Sophia)
The Mother, Lover, Priestes @ Sandton | Gauteng | South Africa
The Lover, Mother, Priestess;
Return to Awakened Divinity
Like the original Eve archetype, born from Adams rib, we try to be the “good girl” by dimming our light, rejecting our inner truth, shutting down our sexuality & feminine power. This is a norm and expectation from society in order to “fit in” & serve the role of a lover, mother, daughter & wife through the patriarchal gaze.
How do you step into leadership & reclaim your inner Priestess in the everyday reality?
Our primal shakti fire is a life giving force of creation that we all need to cultivate and nurture in order to shine brighter, become visible & magnetic to everything we need, desire and deserve. When you access the primal shakti energy of creation, this fire burns away all the outdated belief systems, self judgement, shame and low self worth. You are then able to awaken to your passion, vibrance and fierce courage.
When we dance & move our bodies ecstatically and connect to the subtle energies of our being, we are able to get to the source of our trauma & core woundings so that they can be dissolved & transmuted by our inner fire. Working with the Ancient wisdom of white tantra & Kundalini dance, you are able to break toxic patterns & negative cycles, release stress and anxiety, slow down the ageing process, awaken higher levels of your brain capacity, strengthen your nervous system and access deeper connections to spirit.
Join us on this 6 month shamanic Kundalini dance journey to unlock your sacred gifts and to rise up so that you can offer your gift to the world. It is time for you to learn how to nurture and bring your dreams into manifestation through dance, movement therapy and sacred sexual alchemy.
You will be initiated by the 6 Goddess archetypes’ to access the sacred power of your sexuality, to liberate your voice and access profound levels of healing so that you can make room for what is that is wanting to be birthed and expressed through you. The power of divine sexual alchemy, when worked with in integrity can supports & allow your truest self to emerge, helping one to awaken to new possibilities, greater levels of creativity, joy and vibrance. It awakens your magnetism as you start to draw towards you everything that you need to flourish, grow and expand as you should.
What to expect:
Liberating your Voice
Awaken your courage by liberating your voice. As women we are being called to sacred activism, to stop playing small, express our truth and courageously speak for the voiceless stepping into sacred feminine leadership. You will be supported to awaken your soul expression through soul retrieval & healing the throat chakra We will also work with the vibration of sound through divine seed mantras that can connect us to various Goddesses & elementals that remove obstacles on our path to liberation.
Heal your relationships
When you heal from the wounds of love and heartache you are either able to attract your soulmate as you vibrate at a higher frequency, or deepen the relationship you’re currently in to become the loving life-partnership that supports you to thrive. Once we can be our authentic selves, we no longer have to live through the false lens & pressures of society as to what the role of a lover, mother or wife should be. We can liberate ourselves from outdated belief systems to fully step into these roles from our own authenticity & power. You can create loving and thriving relationships with your soul mate, partner and family.
Healing with the Power Of Shakti
The Collective wound that will be amplified by the Aquarian age is the separation from God and disconnect from our inner Divinity. The divine is persistently pursuing us, but through false gnosis we don’t believe that we are worthy of our own divinity, we therefore see God as separate. This work aims to heal your relationship with God/Goddess & the descending Shakti, not to transcend your day-to-day life, but to heal the wounds that separate you reality from God. To prepare your body, mind, and spirit to house you’re divine self so you can awaken the master within. To see every moment as Divine and for your life to become a living prayer just as the great Masters who once roamed this earth.
Reclaim Your sexual Sovereignty
Our sexuality has been moulded by our relationship with the patriarch, magazines and the porn industry, It’s time to break free from these false stories. Our sexuality is our divine inheritance as women. This journey is about awakening you’re wild, primal Goddess energies from your inner core to burn away self sabotaging & false belief systems. To overcome the shame and humiliation around your sexuality & sensuality. To create awaken to a greater level of passion, creativity, joy and pleasure.
Working with The Goddess Archetype
The Goddess Archetypes are the compassionate Avatars( Bodhisattvas) that have dedicated their lives to support all of humanity to reach enlightenment. They hold benevolent qualities that we too can embody. Through their support and guidance we can also awaken to our inner Goddess nature. By learning to work with these Archetypes through daily practice, invocation, meditation, devotion we are accessing divine intervention and grace from these benevolent beings to divinely intervene in our lives while holding the sacred space for us to heal.
Awaken to Joy in the Body
Suppressing our inner voice & sexuality clogs up the body, meridians, chakras and energy system. We live and walk this earth through pain and suffering. This pain and suffering becomes “the norm” that we forget to live in our full bliss and pleasure. What if you could experience deeper levels of joy and ecstasy unapologetically? Learning how to instantly transmute dense frequencies and energies through sacred dance and breath work. When we heal past wounds & addictions we access more light, we become magnetic, our body feels radiant, less fatigued & we vibrate at a higher frequency
Heal from the past wounds of love
Awaken to power, passion & purpose
Overcome sexual shame
Bring woundings & fears to the surface to be healed
Heal from sexual trauma, miscarriage and abortions.
Clear toxic energy from the womb
Cut chords with past lovers
Awaken to your own inner beloved
Make room & open up to new relationships
Awaken to a deeper level of intimacy in current relationships
Cultivate Shakti for your own vitality, well being and magnetism
Harness sexual energy to connect with the divine
Awaken the gifts that lay dormant in your DNA
Deepen your connection with Mother Earth
Connection with sacred sisterhood circle
All of Gogo Sophia’s workshops are dynamic, lively and interactive. During the workshop Gogo Sophia also channels healing while each participant receives the opportunity to do deep process work and receive soul coaching. Cacao( raw chocolate) will be consecrated during the work to allow the work to fo deeper. Through consencrating Cacao & advance breath work we will confront the beast within & step outside the realm of the ego, to free ourselves from the rational mind and start to better embrace the language of our feelings, body & spirit. We will start to reconcile and release wounds, aches, hurts, and beliefs so that we can step deeper into our vulnerability & receptivity.
Course Duration: 6 Months
Start Date: 27th of February 2021-July 2021
Course Registration Deadline: 15th February 2019
Exchange for monthly class: R 990 p/month. Which includes the cost for ritual work, coaching, manuals, mp3’s, healings and transmissions. Tea and biscuits will be served. Welcome to bring own lunch for hour lunch break)
The fee will be reduced to R890 if you bring along friend who also signs up or if you have registered for more than 1 course.
This course will be a full day course held 1 Saturday a month for 6 months. Once you have registered for the course by signing a registration form, course details of the dates and venue will be sent and confirmed with you.
Please note that this course is for personal healing and empowerment and not registered with the board of higher education. If you are a healer, life coach or shamanic practitioner, the tools and initiations shared in the course will greatly support your practice.
You do not need to be a healer or a shaman or have any previous experience in this background to do the course. This course is simply for everyone that wants to do the work and is committed to their path, healing and awakening. It will greatly support you to integrate other healing work you have done in the past and emphasis is on embodiment.
To register or make an inquiry please email me at tsholoa@gmail.com, 079 0288 874
Places are limited so please book your place and register soon to avoid disappointments
079 028 8874
Gogo Sophia is a traditional healer and Shamnic Priestess who has studied and trained in advanced meditation, shamanic white tantra, breath-work, chodpa, energy medicine, traditional African therapy and Andean Mysticism. She considers herself an integrated Shaman, integrating cosmic consciousness and the Law of One into her healing work, which is very much focused on the sacred marriage with divinity; awakening the Androgynous State and fully anchoring ones higher self in this physical body. Through her training as a traditional healer, she also incorporates animsitic frameworks & indigenous knowledge systems as a way to diagnose & heal, incorporating partnership with the Ancestors, elements of nature and ancient powers, as a way to restore harmony and balance with oneself and the world.
She is also a student of the principles of Ubuntu, Her life long soul initiation has been to bring harmony between her inner shadow & light, to heal the wound of separation within herself so that she can support others to do the same. Polarity integration supports us to return to wholeness by overcoming the illusion of separation, especially separation from the divine.When we heal ourselves in that way we invariably support our immediate environment and the rest of humanity to awaken to healing. That is how we serve humanity, by healing ourselves.
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